The first time

In Hanoi Center

has an international takes place within 3 days according to the model of the music festivals and popular cultures in all over the world. Monsoon Music Festival has been successful throughout 3 days 2-3-4/10/2014 at the lawn area Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Ha Noi. The festival attracted more than 30,000 spectators inside and outside the country, living in an atmosphere brimming with modern and civilized music.

Monsoon Music Festival 2014

introduces international artists

from Denmark, England, France, Belgium, South Korea and Japan in which many artists from Vietnam with a powerful team (band, sound technicians, cameramen, ...). Monsoon Music Festival in 2014, introduced to the Vietnamese audience all the musical performance styles, and new standards of the country, the artists-bands. In particular, there are artists in international level as producer-guitarist Dominic Miller; European level such as the Danish rock band Carpark North, and even the contemporary music group brings folk colors characteristic of the United Kingdom as 9Bach.

Monsoon Music Festival had the equal presence of world-class artists in Viet Nam such as band “Nguon Coi” of musician Quoc Trung, diva Thanh Lam, Tran Thu Ha, band “Nam Dong Ke”, band “Ngu Cung”, along with talented young artists of Viet Nam like Kimmese – Touliver, Tuan Kruise, Suboi, SlimV and orchestra band “Rhapsody Philharmonic” as well as rock band “KOP”. They have come to Monsoon Music Festival to introduce their latest musical project, devoted to audiences the serious art, value and creativity.

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