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Monsoon Music Festival gathered more than 300 artists-including the famous artist in the country as well as the talented young artists-tribute to the audience the dozens of hours immersed in the music space and modern civilization. Thoudsand of the audience share the same passion for music in the heart of Hanoi capital, clearing away all the cultural distance, country, tied together by the wonderful tunes from all over the world, save your unforgettable memories.

In 4 days

21 - 22 - 23 / 10 / 2015

thousands of fans, music lovers have been enjoying 24 unique performances with diverse musical styles as well as the variety of Vietnamese and international talent. Especially, Monsoon Music Festival 2015 has the appearance of two artists, the world-famous band is singer Joss Stone and Quartet BOND.

The Monsoon festival not only bringing music to community but also transfer messages to society: If the year 2014 was the message of environmental protection with practical actions at the event venue and the public, then the year of 2015, cultural behavior is more than ever when audiences come to the international music festival season. Probably, there is no music event that pitch back to clean garbage as Monsoon Music Festival when the audience and artist together to clean up before leaving or shouting out the slogan about the behavior culture of public participation activities on the sidelines of the event.

2Other than from 2014, the street music concerts of Monsoon in 2015 had bigger target with the desire to bring music to everyone. Therefore, not only limited to musical performances for youngsters, they also accessed to the diverse audiences when bringing music to an Aerobic exercise session in “Thanh Cong” park or having live music in the meeting of Dance sport club on Lake Sword. With the variety in ways of organizing and musical material, Monsoon Music Festival 2015 really brought art to everyone.

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