Music Festival

Officially come back with the name of Monsoon Music Festival 2016 by Tuborg, marking the participation of brands of beer Tuborg from Denmark as the sponsor diamond of Monsoon Music Festival in 5 years.

In 3 days

21 - 22 - 23 / 10 / 2016

at Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, HN

Monsoon continued to bring music to music lovers and high artists in high class talents of Viet Nam and the world. With the participant of legend band “Scorpions” and many other young talents, Monsoon marked the third age confidently with a music space reached world-class in the heart of Ha Noi capital.

In 2016, Monsoon was officially entered the road 5 years of efforts to contribute and improve traffic culture of the community, with the participation and support of many strata of society. With the belief that the music will be the method most effective for us to live together to love more, so every day is a day of safety of the people themselves and their families, through activities in the framework of the festival, the message of cultural traffic has been sent to each of the audience to the event as well as the followers of communication channels.

Nearly 4,000,000 views on access to official fanpage and much more through mass media channels, Monsoon Music Festival 2016 official by Tuborg mark 3 years of growth and development of the Festival International music monsoon, ushered in a new phase: putting monsoon music Festival become a symbol of the new culture of Hanoi, giving the picture a Hanoi civilization, youthful and art lovers to friends and international areas.

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