About us


Monsoon Music Festival is a cultural and music event with international standard, a symbol of Hanoi, held on the occasion of November each year. The festival has received the support of the public, as well as the appreciation of professionals and the media, for four consecutive years receiving nominations and awards from the Music Awards held by Sport Culture Newspaper.


Being the only community music festival to be held at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Monsoon Music Festival has been proud of the unique values it has been delivering in the past 4 years.


Monsoon creates a festive space for human connection and cohesion. Rather than a mere performance of the artist to attract attention of audiences, it is a rare sustainable product in the culture in particular and the society in general.


Monsoon is a place for the experimentation of artists, audiences, crews, partners and sponsors. Personalization of audience experience with technology is also our top priority.


Monsoon brings great experiences to satisfy 5 senses of the audience. The emotions of the audience are amplified during the event, even leaving an echo long afterwards with their shared experiences. 


Every year we come up with a distinctive theme and message for communication in 7 consecutive months.


We engage every audience to participate in our activities, thereby gaining a profound impact on the community, youth and the circle of professionals.



After 4 years of the Monsoon Music Festival, the audiences of the capital have become accustomed to a model of international professional music festivals. Rather than coming to watch a “hot” artist performing, the audiences comes to join cultural activities of the community where we share the values of civilization, aesthetic and identity. A passing MMF season is a chapter of the story we have been writing about a new generation of Hanoians who are young, creative and enthusiastic about the art.

Tóc gió thôi bay

Levitate Me

Are You With Me

Cho em một ngày



Chuyện đời

Sắc màu

Send me an angel

Wind Of Change

Từ ngày em đến

Cho Không

Still Loving You

Em dạo này

Một nhà

Be Cool

Đời là đi


The answer

Em về tinh khôi