About us

Monsoon Music Festival is a cultural and music event with international standard, a symbol of Hanoi, held on the occasion of November each year. The festival has received the support of the public, as well as the appreciation of professionals and the media, for four consecutive years receiving nominations and awards from the Music Awards held by Sport Culture Newspaper.


Being the only community music festival to be held at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Monsoon Music Festival has been proud of what it has been delivering in the past 4 years:


Music Quality

Monsoon Music Festival has its own selection criteria, based on the full range of elements of music quality and performance skills. International artists are invited to Vietnam through international cooperation and artist exchange activities between the Monsoon Music Festival and prestigious festivals and music events in the world. The sound, light, theatrical stage are also meticulously designed with the highest standards of aesthetic and technique.


Professional organization

The organization of Monsoon Music Festival has ensured the safety and security factors, meeting the strict regulations of Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, not only to maintain but also contribute to honor the beauty and the cultural values of the Citadel.


Value of civilization and culture

Alongside the music, Monsoon Music Festival also spread the positive values of community behavior such as environmental protection, traffic manner, special incentives for people with disabilities, contributing to introduce a more beautiful, civilized Hanoi to the world.


After 4 years of the Monsoon Music Festival, the audiences of the capital have become accustomed to a model of international professional music festivals. Rather than coming to watch a “hot” artist performing, the audiences comes to join cultural activities of the community where we share the values of civilization, aesthetic and identity. A passing MMF season is a chapter of the story we have been writing about a new generation of Hanoians who are young, creative and enthusiastic about the art.