The Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam in collaboration with the Department of International Cooperation, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Thanh Viet Production Company Limited organized the Conference “Specialism in organizing art events in Vietnam ” on 31/10/2019 in Hanoi.

This is a continuation and a successor of the project “The dialogue between the managers and the cultural policy makers ” funded by the Embassy of Denmark for Vietnam from 2011-2015 in organizing workshops to expand the reference framework in designing and implementing cultural and artistic policy in Vietnam.

The music conference is expected to attract around 80 guests who are the cultural managers, specialists of Denmark and experts, researchers and representatives of foreign cultural agencies in Vietnam, the artists, etc. 
The delegates will participate in the plenary session about overview of artistic activities in Vietnam as well as the policies of Vietnam for the operation of the art event. After the plenary session, delegates will focus on 04 in-depth discussion topic: Impact of art projects; management of art projects; importance of brand events; artists and related issues. Specifically, the workshop will focus on case studies Monsoon Music Festival organized by the Thanh Viet Company. This is the most successful music festival in Vietnam with professionalism and high professional quality, create high reputation in domestic and international music industry.











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