Emotional Explosion At Monsoon Street Show 2019

“Since 2014, Monsoon Street Show has become familiar with the people of the capital as a prominent music event, being a kick-start for Monsoon Music Festival and raise the festival spirit during the week of the main event at Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This year, still in the cultural space of Hanoi, Monsoon Street Show is back with many new points in terms of organization size and events. Instead of being a small concert of music like previous years, Street Show 2019 becomes a real music festival dedicated to the people of the capital to enjoy completely free. With a stage was elaborately staged and 6 performances lasting more than 6 hours of 3 bands and artists from Vietnam, 3 international bands coming from Finland, Singapore, Japan, we wish this would become an inspiring music gift. This model will continue to be maintained and developed in the coming years, in order to turn Monsoon Music Festival into a week of music Festival-starting Street Show at Walking Street, followed by activities such as showcase, workshop and finishing at the main show nights In the Imperial City of Thang Long.” – Quoc Trung – Main Director.

Monsoon Street Show 2019 is organized in Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, attracting thousands of music lovers to attend and soak up the music. Let’s take a look at some memorable moments with Monsoon!

In the morning, bands and artists gathered to have sound-check with Organizer to ensure performances

would be held successfully and the most explosive.


Lots of Monsoon Fans came early to hear sound-check and check-in at Monsoon corner

16h45′, Tips Lips showed up on Monsoon stage with a very impressive opening. Coming from Japan, the

band performed Rock music which is based on classical blues, Rock, Japanese Rock, Funk, etc

Next to Tips Lips, young guys  from 9LAWM were back to the Monsoon Street Show Stage with rock

alternative songs that are accustomed to the audiences such as “Khi Hoàng Hôn Dần Buông” or “Chuyện Cũ”. 

Moreover, 9LAWM also brought to the Monsoon stage their latest songs, which are expected to be released in November, let’s support them!

A very special element of Monsoon Street Show 2019 is Chillies – owner of the hit: Va The La Het.

At Monsoon, Chillies drove the audiences from fanaticism with “Who?” (The Tinder Song) “, ” Mascara “to

feeling emotionally, deeply with ” Cam On Va Xin Loi”, “Va The La Het”.

Disco Hue – A band from Singapore was a strange breeze of Monsoon Street Show 2019. Being inspired by
artists such as Daft Punk, Chvrches and Ella Riot, Disco Hue has created a novel blend in the electronic
melodies, hooked listeners with snappy rhythms and syrupy synths with “Call Me Back”, “Right On Top” ,.. 

“Banh troi nuoc”, “De Mi noi cho ma nghe”, “Nhip dap giac mo”,… Songs of the female singer Hoang Thuy

Linh which were remixed on modern electronic music successfully created new music interference,

transmitted a great sense of inspiration for all ages and left unforgettable music moments at Monsoon Street Show 2019.

Ideomotor – an electronic band from Helsinki, Finland placed an incredibly complete dot for audiences’

emotions at Monsoon Street Show.  People completely felt with their European Indie music such as “One

last time”, “Hold on”, “Interference” as well as extremely explosive performances of Ideomotor.

 Monsoon Street Show 2019 has officially closed with many different musical emotions.

We would love to see Monsoon Fans in Thang Long Imperial City on 1-2-3/11/2019 to enjoy a lot of more

vivid and epic music performances!








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