GUIDE TO MONSOON: How To Pronounce Artists’ Name?

GUIDE TO MONSOON:  Monsoon Music Festival BY YOU – FOR YOU – Let’s create our own Unique and Fancy music festival!

You are not a fan of all artists who performs at Monsoon this year ; You don’t have an idea how to pronounce their names? Don’t worry, click “Play” and learn with us! 

If you have already been a big fan of our artists and memorized all of their songs, watch the video to make sure you pronounce artists’ names correctly!

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Từ ngày em đến

Cho Không




Đời là đi

Be Cool

Sắc màu

Em dạo này

Wind Of Change

Một nhà

Send me an angel

Em về tinh khôi

Chuyện đời

Are You With Me

Levitate Me

Still Loving You

Tóc gió thôi bay

Cho em một ngày

The answer