In 2018, the five-year proposal of Monsoon Music Festival is officially approved by the Hanoi authorities, affirming its role as a proud cultural symbol of the capital. Accordingly, a new phase of Monsoon Music Festival has been opened, telling the story of the next generation of young Hanoians who are creative and enthusiastic about culture and art. We would like the Hanoians to proudly introduce the Festival to their friends from all over the world: “If you come to Hanoi, then Monsoon Music Festival is on the top of your must-visit list.” Let’s spread the spirit of this music wind throughout Vietnam and the world.


2017 saw the completion and submission of the proposal to promote Monsoon Music Festival to become the official annual event of Hanoi in 5 years (from 2017 to 2021), and in long term, to become a prominent cultural event of Vietnam and the region. After 4 years, Monsoon Music Festival has attracted more than 125,000 Vietnamese and international audiences, with the participation of 40 sponsors, bringing 200 artists from more than 20 countries and territories. At this year's festival, audiences enjoyed excellent performances from internationally and domestically acclaimed indie artists such as Lost Frequencies, Touliver Slim V, Ngot, Da LAB, etc.


2016 marked a significant milestone for Monsoon Music Festival when it has officially taken the five-year path to improve the transport culture of the community, with the participation and support of many classes in society. In a hope that music will be an effective way to connect people and promote cultural and civic values, the Festival has attracted the attention and support of the capital's music lovers. It also became the media focus of the country with the attendance of rock legend Scorpions, Last Train, SaveUs alongside Vietnamese prestige singers such as Tung Duong and My Linh.


Along with the great music, Monsoon Music Festival also delivers positive lifestyle messages to the public. In 2014, we raised awareness of environmental protection by actions of cleaning the venue after the Festival. In 2015, the social conduct of civilization is promoted more seriously than ever before to all audiences attending the Festival. With the participation of famous female singer Joss Stone and Bond band from the UK, along with young talented Vietnamese artists such as Slim V, Toc Tien, Tien Tien, Uyen Linh, Hoang Thuy Linh, Trung Quan, Dong Hung, Thai Chau, MMF 2015 has brought unique musical wind to the Vietnamese public.


In November 2014, an international music festival was held the first time ever at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi, bringing together Vietnamese high-profile artists including musician Quoc Trung’s band - The Root, diva Thanh Lam - Tran Thu Ha, Ngu Cung band, along with talented young artists such as Kimmese - Touliver, Tuan Kruise, Suboi, Slim V, Rhapsody Philharmonic Orchestra and rock band KOP. With the desire to advance Vietnamese music industry to higher level, General Director of the Festival, Mr. Quoc Trung, has introduced to the public a model of professionally international music festival that meets world standard as well as conveys Vietnamese cultural identity. The idea set the opening lines of the story about Monsoon Music Festival which is full of pioneering spirit and the desire to spread great cultural and aesthetic values to the public, connecting people everywhere through the love of music.

Justin Beiber