Monsoon Dream


After two weeks of experience and participation in the process of building the Music Festival in Denmark, our team of Vietnamese artists have a dream that is to organize an International Music Festival in our homeland. The dream has been growing for 10 years, with the birth of Monsoon Music Festival – the first musi festival of international standard in Vietnam in 2014.



Going back to the story of the first days, all things don’t have a foundation yet, which is an indeterminate path of both the insiders and outsiders. Event organizers must also explore ways to build the program according to the standard of the world without going out of the contemporary culture in Vietnam. Meanwhile, people who buy tickets to the event have not had many opportunities to experience a truly international music festival. So, the first Monsoon was born with the expectations of the organizers: It will be an opportunity for Vietnamese music to touch the world of music culture – where audiences have quality event to enjoy. Monsoon is also expected to become an inspiration for the country’s artists to enjoy the equality with the world’s music. Equality is that we enjoy the variety of music that the world has to offer, we experience the first and largest scale international multi-day music festival in Vietnam. We have the opportunity to convey Vietnamese music culture to the world.



Gradually Monsoon became familiar with the audience as a spiritual product when it’s reaching to the end of the year. With diverse and avant-garde performances in music style, the audience of the country believes in the name Monsoon as well as in the music of Monsoon Festival. This is the time we dare to dream a bigger dream: attaching social responsibility to event communication, along with the audience coming to Monsoon to spread civilized values. We believe that audiences, music and society have a strong relationship and they have the power to influence community behavior. We were happy to witness the positive impact of our social awareness campaign, as audiences took small acts such as buying official tickets issued by the organizers instead of black market, picking up trash on the grass, etc.  We feel deeply that the beautiful image of an international music festival is not only due to the quality of the program itself but also thanks to the imprints that we and the audience share together.



After 2017, the dream of music is taking a break, but not a stop. Fall of 2017, Quoc Trung – MMF Production Manager said: “In life, meeting or loving someone does not mean that they will be forever with you. But life has always been wonderful as the love will always be remembered forever when we break up nicely. MMF has brought me many friends, lots of love and that is the motivation for me to continue.”

The journey full of joy and full of obstacles seemed like it had to stop, seemingly broken. The International Festival will be hopefully more perfect not only in the quality of the program, but also in the audience experience. The audience comes to Monsoon because of the music, but they will stay with Monsoon also because of other values, not just music, which could be a feeling of returning to a beautiful youth, or a sense of belonging to a community, a sense of pride in an international event or simply an exciting occasion to reunite with loved ones, etc. Hope our dream will inspire you, who are very important to us.

See you at Monsoon this year, a new season with new hopes and new experiences, a Monsoon for you!



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