Monsoon Music Festival 2015: Official Playlist | Day 4

Monsoon 2015 has completed one of its goals is that organize a festival for the community with high professional quality, professional techniques. This is that ekip produced as well as musician Quoc Trung – Monsoon Director General 2015 hopes that when building the program: “I hope that, for many years, we will work together to build up Monsoon of Hanoi – Vietnam as a cultural event having international quality, narrowing the musical gap with regional and international countries in general. What I need in the audience is the companionship, openness to receive more and more new music trends, new cultural and musical activities. There will be a Monsoon – my annual Monsoon international music festival, of the audience, of Hanoi and of Vietnamese music ”.

In the autumn of that year, the Monsoon Music Festival closed after bringing unforgettable emotions to all Hanoi audiences. Feel free to experience it again at this Playlist, guys;)




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Are You With Me

Tóc gió thôi bay

Đời là đi

Cho Không

Cho em một ngày


Một nhà

Em về tinh khôi

Sắc màu

Từ ngày em đến


The answer

Levitate Me

Chuyện đời

Still Loving You

Wind Of Change

Send me an angel

Be Cool


Em dạo này