Monsoon Music Festival 2019: By You – For You

A mega mix of best songs from 12 artists performing MMF this year!

Monsoon Music Festival is scheduled to be happening in the next 2 months, promising to bring new and exciting experiences to the audience. After 4 years of impressing the public by our quality and prestige, this is the time for us to start a journey to renew ourselves and continue to assert our unique identity. Today, we would like to send to the audience A mega mix of best songs of artists performing Monsoon 2019. See you soon at Imperial Citadel of Thang Long on 1-2-3 November!




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The answer

Em về tinh khôi

Cho em một ngày


Still Loving You

Send me an angel

Sắc màu



Be Cool

Cho Không

Levitate Me

Tóc gió thôi bay

Em dạo này

Từ ngày em đến


Are You With Me

Wind Of Change

Chuyện đời

Một nhà

Đời là đi