Monsoon Music Festival At Mu:CON International Music Fair 2019

Right now, representative of Monsoon Music Festival is at Mu:CON International Music Fair  코카뮤직 – KOCCA MUSIC in Korea to participating in MU:CON 2019 Conference.


This is the 4th time Monsoon Music Festival has been invited by Korean creative Agency (KOCCA) to attend the event. Through Mu: CON, Monsoon Music Festival has introduced to Vietnamese audience a lot of talented artists of “Kim Chi” country such as Idiotape, Biuret and this year: ADOY.

With Korea cracking into the top 6 music markets in the world and K-Pop topping music charts all around the world, MU:CON (aka Seoul International Music Fair) has emerged as one of the most important and influential Asian music industry events of the year. Hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and in conjunction the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (MCST), MU:CON has not only become the biggest international music conference in Korea for local, regional, and global music industry leaders but also become one of the best music festivals in Korea for discovering the next wave of Asian indie, idol, and icon music acts destined to make a senstional splash in international music markets. From morning pitching sessions to keynote speeches afternoon to evening music showcases, MU:CON annually spins a 4 day remix of all-day/all-night events to satisfy music executives, music artists, and music fans alike. Mu:CON is one of the most important partners of Monsoon Music Festival to exchange, promote and develop our domestic music industry.



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