The community of the volunteer of Monsoon Music Festival was formally established in 2014, by the name of Monsoonista. This is a community gathering young people with the passion for music. They come to Monsoon Music Festival not only to satisfy their love for music, but also to bring their youth to contribute the imagine of a world-class international music festival. With a starting point of only a few hundred members, now on, the community of Monsoonista is proudly growing up to thousands of people, who bringing its own values: “Youth – Enthusiasm – Civilization”. Monsoonista has become an indispensable work, which contributing to the success of Monsoon Music Festival during the past 4 seasons.

This season, Monsoon Music Festival continues to look for companions. If you are ready to create an unforgettable experience with us, please don’t hesitate to apply for being a volunteer – a part of Monsoon Music Festival 2019!




Recruitment for volunteer of Monsoon Music Festival include 2 rounds

Round 1: Register through the online form: 21/08/2019 – 28/08/2019 (can be filed sooner than expected)

Round 2: Directly interviews (will be notified via email)


Please make sure to check your email! Email is our main method of communication

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